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Important things to remember about PalletShare…

Pallet Share is an environmental scheme encouraging people to share and reuse Pallets rather than adding to the Carbon Footprint associated with waste and recycling.

We don’t charge you for pallets! They’re completely free! Our role is simply to connect you with companies who have unwanted products.

The conditions of Pallets may vary! But that’s part and parcel of using ‘second use’ pallets.

We always like to point out that you are dealing with Merchants, Pallet Share is an environmental scheme which they are part of.  Please be patient as the distribution of Pallets isn’t their main line of business.

You may be charged for Delivery. While this is at the discretion of the Merchant you are dealing with, Delivery Charges simply cover the merchants costs. We at Pallet Share play no part in Deliveries. 

Merchants generally operate Monday to Friday, 8am to 4pm.  Pallet requests made at the weekend will generally be followed up Monday or Tuesday the following week. 

Larger request for 20+ pallets will generally be prioritised over requests for 2 or 3.  The more pallets are shared in bulk the more this reduces the Carbon Footprint associated with delivery.

Euro Pallets are not part of the scheme. Euro Pallets are normally owned by manufacturers and are part of their own cycle for re-use.